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Photomanip Newsletter February 2017

Sun Feb 5, 2017, 1:35 AM

Hello everyone!

It's the first newsletter for this year. We apologize for the two-month break, and now I'll try to make up leeway and will tell you what happened in our small photomanip world in January and what can we expect of February. 

Btw, speaking of news, I (Lora-Vysotskaya) am a new admin of CRPhotomanipulation. I will collect the info about current photomanip contests and other events, and also articles, features, tutorials for our monthly newsletters. So, if you have something to share with the community, you may note me.

The latest news

     📌New group

A new photomanip group Art-Revival was founded 4 weeks ago, and it's growing actively, there are already 250 members and the first group contest is going now

     📌Tablet users are welcome!

The group Tablet-for-U now accepts graphic tablets users also (not only iPad and android users, as before). Read more here:
Just a little somethingI started this group with the intention to give tablet users the opportunity to have a group and have contests of their own. So no competing with photoshop users etc. 
We are a couple of months along now and it seems there is very little interest. Don't get me wrong, I am very glad to help out and make journals about apps for the tablet users to make even better works and I will continue to do so.
However, there is going to be a change in the group policy. Next to android/iOS tablets, we are accepting graphic tablet users as well now. Contests will be divided in two groups from now on, graphic tablet (wacom and such) and android/iOS tablets. By doing this competitions will still be fair but maybe there will be more people wanting to join in.
Our second challenge/contest, dress this model, is two weeks on it's way and where we had three entries on our first, the only entry thusfar on this one is my own

     📌Around the web

How to make a caricature from a photo, how to create art with pen tool, how to add rain effect to your manipulation, how to apply a silver effect to the skin? You can find these useful tutorials and a lot of other tips in the latest reviews:

Around the Web #jan17Around the web
 is a monthly feature that gathers together resources from all around the web! This includes, but is not limited to, tutorials, articles, and resources. Feel free to share your non DA goodies in the comments below, and fave this journal to spread the word!

The new year has started so we thought to start off with some funny tutorials that you might not use often but can come in handy sometimes!
Did you know that we also have a Facebook group now? Join in and stay posted! 

How to make a caricature from a photo

In this youtube tutorial, they show how to transform a photo (any portrait photo) into a caricature. The tutorial is not too difficult but does require paying attention because it is a silent tu
Around the Web #february2017Around the web
 is a monthly feature that gathers together resources from all around the web! This includes, but is not limited to, tutorials, articles, and resources. Feel free to share your non DA goodies in the comments below, and fave this journal to spread the word!

The February issue of the Around the Web is theme based. All about Steampunk!
Did you know that we also have a Facebook group now? Join in and stay posted! 

What Is Steampunk? Secrets To Steampunk Style!

What is Steampunk? Steampunk is a grungy, dark, desaturated look that can give your work a different mood. In today's episode we discuss steampunk style and how to create a steampunk image. This video starts with a google s

     📌Lady in blue

CathleenTarawhiti made a real boom with her Book Cover Challenge - Sophia! The beautiful girl in blue has filled DA gallery!;)

     📌Awesome creative battle for manipers

Ed Hooijmans (aka ED-Creations) within the group ManipulationHelpDesk arranged an awesome Photomanipulation Tournament (look also the PHOTOMANIPULATION TOURNAMENT UPDATE and FINAL UPDATE PHOTOMANIPULATION TOURNAMENT)
You already can't join it, because the teams are staffed, but you can watch the battle!

     📌Great educational project "Critique Hour"

The same ED-Creations conducts Critique Hours now. If you are interested in a critique about a work already submitted or maybe a work in progress, you can contact Ed.
He is also planning to give some more tips, how to adjust things so they blend better or how ways how to adjust shadow/ light etc. Read more here:
About the CritiqueHourHello my friends,
I want to introduce and try out  the critique-hour. Well not going to claim the credits for the idea, because it's something i stumbled on youtube,
while searching for tutorials about mattepainting. 
A really amazing person ( gives critiques and helps people who have a passion for digital painting.
I really enjoy looking at her youtube-vids and learned a lot about lighting, composition and other stuff we photomanipulators also have to consider,
when making a work.
I must admit that i haven't a degree in art or visited an artschool. Plunged in making photomanipulations 8 years ago and reached a decent level by now.
Well have a teachersdegree in agriculture and gardenlandscaping and have a good eye for things in manips that can be fixed to make it better or more realistic.
So i would like to start the critique-hour once a week starting from next week.
I would prefer to hold it on wednesdays from 20.00 hours until 22.00 hours ( U
CRITiQUE-HOUR ISSUE 1Hello friends, watchers and passing by visitors.
This will be the first issue of the Critiquehour where i will be looking at 
the work of photomanipulationArtists.
Because this is the first issue, i will critique one of my own works. It's a 
fantasy landscape/mattepainting i made in juli of last year. At the time when i
was working on it, i was content with the endresult, but looking at it, a good
half year later, i discovered some things that really bothered me and so i did 
some repair and additions to it.
The work as it was juli 2016:

Often it's a good thing to leave a finished or almost finished work for a while. When you work quite long and intensive at a work, your eyes and mind become
a bit numb and you don't see the things that are wrong or look odd. A good tip is to flip the canvas horizontally or even virtically to spot strange things in composition.
Did a good look at my work and discovered 9 points which could

And ED-Creations receives our...

⭐️Monthly  spotlight!

Ed Hooijmans (ED-Creations) is a great photomanip artist from Netherlands. He administers several groups, posts critiques to others works and creates amazing manips like these:

Valley of the Kings by ED-Creations

Please check out the Ed's gallery and his Photomanipulation Tournament and Critique Hours (read above)

⭐️Many other manipers received spotlights recently, which you can find below 
Artist of the month, RenatossWe used to do a weekly member feature but I just lack the time to do so, so from now on it will be a monthly feature with the exception of the week that the votes on the challenges/contests are in. Then this space will be reserved for a winners/contestants feature.
For February I would like to feature this wonderful artist, Renato S.
His name is Renato and he is from Romania. He does not have a Deviant ID so I don't know anything else about him. What I do know is that he makes beautiful photomanipulations, usually wide ones, and that he is always nice and active in giving likes and comments :-)
Some if his wonderful works:

Artist of the week, lindenartHaving been busy this last month it is time for a new member art feature. The artist I wanted to feature is lindenART
His name is Wolfram and is from Germany. He is 66 years young and spents his well deserved pension time making awesome stuff! Not only does he make photomanipulations but he also makes some awesome drawings and other stuff. It was a pleasure to browse through his extended gallery. Feel free to browse it yourself cause it is impossible to share everything here :) As you can see, he does a lot of his work with the same model, my guess is, that it is himself (but i am not sure).
Some if his wonderful works:

Featuring deviants (XXV): wasaps00This month: digital artist wasaps00 from the Philippines
Deviant since: 2012
Watchers: 51
:rose: :iconwasaps00: :rose:

North Pole by wasaps00
Older features:

Featuring deviants (XXIV): feigenfrucht
Featuring deviants (XXIII) darkallegiance666
Featuring deviants (XXII): kristianna11
Featuring deviants: kuschelirmelOne of my favourite photomanipulators: kuschelirmel - Jasmin from Germany.

Jasmin - engineer. She loves pretty things, above all butterflies, chocolate and photomanips.

  Tribute by kuschelirmel  This is Halloween by kuschelirmel  Dragonsbane by kuschelirmel
No Place Like Home by kuschelirmel Secret Passage by kuschelirmel

✨Stock treasures

As always thanks a lot to our stock providers for their hard work and inspiration!
119 by Infrablack-stock

Other stock features:
The Unseen Stock - January:rose: If you like this feature please add it to your :fav:s to spread the stock love (: :rose:

wreath of cornflowers by ViktoriyaDr
As We Dream 6 by Tris-Marie
Kingdom 17 by Tris-Marie Dori White-8627 by jagged-eye Stock - Gothic woman flying wings 2 by S-T-A-R-gazer Zombie Hunter 19 by Tris-Marie
DSC 0490 Cascade 2 by wintersmagicstock Waterscape #4 by AmoretteRose White Forest 05 by kuschelirmel-stock
bleak scenery2 by marlene-stock
The Unseen Stock - January (II):heart: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav: to spread the stock love ! (:

Extreme fashion by szorny-stock The Red Balloon 54 by deathbycanon-stock
Harry Potter stock 13 by Blossom-Lullabies
Stock Place 157 by Ariel87-Stock STOCK Birches by Inilein Foggy Morning Woods by belle-is-trouble
Landscape 76 by CastleGraphics
Forest 68 by MASYON Corals 02 by Pagan-Stock Stock Photography: Clouds Sky by LintuSR
background by ViktoriyaDr 

🏆Art features & contests winners

Find out how the contests turned out this month, or see if one of your works has been featured in our collection of features!


Bang bang feature
Hello everyone!

If you like action movies, and  if you don't mind to create a photomanipulation in that style, and to win 100 points for this, check out 


hosted by :iconStewed-Tomatoes:
And here some awesome examples for your inspiration. Don't copy please!

The Firing Line by kimsol
The Expandables by ShoaibBhimani
HELLicopter by cloakaYippee-ki-yay, motherfucker by Flobelebelebobele
Criminal by Rafido
Radioactive Park by LINGDUMSTUDOG
Tomb Raider-No Turning Back by ArthurRamsey
Discover the dreams world
Hello everyone!

Check out the new challenge from :iconStewed-Tomatoes:

Create your own unreal landscape and win 100 points!

It's easy, because even a beginner can become a winner in our group!
Join us :iconStewed-Tomatoes:, if you want to play:)

And here some amazing dreamscapes from DA gallery for your inspiration:

Countryside by JennyLe88
Expectation by masKade
Future by John35Photography
Desert Road by toosox
World's End by Ametafor91
Desert Oasis by AnuPatten
Dinosaurs by Ezehkiel
The Through Train by Lora-Vysotskaya
Feature Time! 14Hello my friends!

How was your first month in rooster year so far?

As for me, it's a wonderful start.
I won 1st place in 2 contests,
and finally could produce 2 new works in this month.
Here is the second one, which is also the second time I explored underwater scene.
Hope you like it. =D

And I think the name of this song fits this work somehow. =D
By the way,
I was a prize donor in
hosted by
Here are the winners
:iconlotta-lotos: Chosen by judges, :ic
Feature Time! 13Hello my friends! :wave:
How are you doing?  
Finally, I still can submit my first work of 2017 in the first month.
But it took a lot of time, stocks and effort to mix 2 opposite worlds together.
I'm new to this kind of concept.
And it has become one of the most complicated works I have made. 
Tell me which side that you prefer? :)

And last year somebody kindly put some wonderful effect with my work The Maiden 
I'd like to share it with you here, but please support the video on Youtube too. :)
Thank you so much!! :hug:

Now it's time to feature some artworks from friends and wonderful artists.
Best of The Week - 089Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.


Angel of Care by Euselia Looking forward(Viendo hacia delante by Adriana-Madrid

Beautiful Visions by Jeni-Sue
Lonely Rider by marcosnogueiracb Airy-Fairy by Lora-Vysotskaya
Second Wave by Softyrider62
fishing by kaka-pararean83
Medieval tales by Aeternum-designs Gothic Heart 2 by PlacidAnemia
Belle of the Ball by Turning2stone
Best of The Week - 088Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.


Spring sumonner by Lesard
Muse by Madink2000 Just Waiting by adrianoampb owl messenger by kaka-pararean83

Hope by moonchild-ljilja
The Witch by Mihaela-V
Nebulae by zacky7avenged shadow play ... by mirandaarts Fallen Angels - Lost by vampirekingdom
Best of The Week - 087Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.


Ancient Hunter by Softyrider62 Annabelle by zacky7avenged
Time After Time by MoodyBlue
Love never fails by kevron2001
Goddess of Life by Wesley-Souza Freedom by Euselia
Unending love by geregorik
messages on New Year's by kaka-pararean83
Listen to your heart (Beauty and the Beast) by EstherPuche-Art The Witches Coven : Chamanka by AlexandraVBach
Sea - background for game by NM-art
It's that time of the week again where we get to showcase just a few of the fantastic submissions we have added in the last week
Thank you to everyone who adds their work to this group. I wish i could feature them all... 
Here they are...


Washing The Sorrows Away by JayGraphixx 
I Ching 59 - Huan (Dispersion - Dissolution) by annewipf
... and that is all for now, see you next week Heart
I wish you all a wonderful week ahead, whatever you maybe doing... 
Welcome to another features of the week...
Lots and lots of amazing work added again... Here is just a small selection of the work submitted this week....
Feast your peeps on these... 
Please be kind and show some support to a fellow artist and add a +fav and a comment...
it's always good to be appreciated :la:



 You must not lose faith by gustiidiaz
The Offering by kimsol
... and that is all for now, see you next week 
FEATURES OF THE WEEK!!!Helloooo..... Welcome to the features of the week...
Slightly late today, I have been baking my son his requested birthday cake for his 17th birthday tomorrow....
Almost 17 and still loves his cake :giggle:
Anyway... Here is just a small selection of the fabulous works that have been submitted this week.
Feast your peeps on these glorious pieces of art...


Wanderlust -Fernweh 3 - final by playart-PSD
In Love with the Darkness by VeilaKs
... and that is all for now, see you next week Heart
Please go show support

  Walks on WaterHello everyone!
I invite you to walk on water with the group:iconStewed-Tomatoes:
Take your imagination and creativity and participate in our new  
As always we have 3 winners in different skill levels, and points prizes. 
Join us to play!

Btw, we're planning a big contest in March, and  we need points, exclusive stock, features and other prizes. Please help us to make that contest successful! You can donate points on these pages :  nitchwarmer or Lora-Vysotskaya. Or comment below to donate something else. Thank you in advance!

And here are some wonderful  aqueous photomanipulations for your inspiration:

Photomanipulation Feature. Still Life            


Casket for storage of poisons by Haizy   The Crow. by NellyGraceNG   Still life with butterfly by NellyGraceNG
Still life - Gandalf by Nikulina-Helena
Happy New Year! by Gven-ka   Heart as a Gift by inSOLense   Still Life Magic by VarLa-art   Mandrake potion for Valentine's day by Incantata
Elixir of Love by VarLa-art
Magic rejuvenation cream by Tyami   
Best of The Week - 090Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do. Due to some vacations, this best of is published earlier than usually, without taking care of the pictures published after February 4th, 15.00 pm (Greenwich). These will be included in the best of nr 091.



Birds by Madink2000
Benjamin et le ballon by Laura-Graph A Shade of Blush by ManifestedSoul
Against All Odds by Rowye
Cage of Raven by LINGDUMSTUDOG
Book cover Sophie 2 by Amaranta-G 
Fantastic photomanips #23A bit late, but here it is - the #23rd Fantastic Photomanips feature!

Fantastic Photomanips 
is a feature showing under appreciated photo-manipulations - all below 50 comments - that are, for some reason, striking - some due to the amazing colours, others due to fantastic composition or technical brilliance. If you like the works presented below, remember to leave the authors a comment or a fave! 
Touch It:omgomgbb:
Artists featured today: nakorabi IasmyKillha brillgk zfbaser Aramisdream babsartcreations jiajenn Jovan-Porto Tony-ob zacky7avenged 

     📌Contests winners

Snow Queen Portrait Picks!GROUP NEWS
Good Day To You Members!
Finally, the results to the "Snow Queen Portrait" Challenge!
Thank you for being patient. Our guest judge was away from home with out a computer, so it took a bit of time to get her Picks to me.
:bulletwhite: Just to stay on schedule with our challenges, I will begin a Valentine's Theme one tomorrow. It's going to be a poster one. We haven't done a poster in a long time. So keep an eye out for that journal.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
I want to thank our Guest Judge, PotatoCatBee, and Staff Member, theheek, for helping me select this week's Picks.
Also, thank you to all who participated, making this a successful challenge.  

You all did a fantastic job! This was a very difficult challenge to judge, and that's really a good thing! Challenges should not be e
Critiques and Picks -Autumn to WinterGROUP NEWS
Good Evening/Morning Everyone!
I'm sorry that this is a little late, but I had lost all of my unsaved notes  when my computer was accidentally turned off.  I was not happy about that at all.
Our Current Challenge Is Called "Snow Queen Portrait", and there is also a child stock that you can create a "Snow Princess" with if you prefer.  It's not due until next Sunday, January 15th,. and you can find the information here:
First Challenge For 2017
Here Are A Few Entries That Have Already Been Submitted:
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
I do want to thank those of you who entered the
DREAMSCAPEHere we have the three winners of the Dreamscape Contest.
Everyone did a bang up job and I was so tired of the weight.
Now the weight is over!!!
Knight by HelenaKiss

There is water on Mars by Branka-Johnlockian

Winter is coming by danieloooo

Be sure to check out our next contest
Challenge in the style of Action
And the nine winners areFirst Place

Second Place
Third place

Level 2
First place.

Second place

Third Place

Level 3
First place
second place

Third place

Congrates to all the winners and to everyone that played this contest.
This was a very hard contest to judge but you all did just fine.
We do hold larger challenges 4 or 5 times a year so keep  an eye out for the next big thing.
Be sure to check out our latest contest
Thanks to everyone who entered our contest 
and to all of our donors for helping making this contest a success!

The task was:

Create a snowy, icy, blissful, contemplative winterscene with one of our angels.
Put us in the right mood for a calm and merry winterday or night.

The 4 Lucky Winners of our WINTER ANGELS CONTEST are

Chosen by :iconthe3-contestevents:
In our opinion this artwork best reflects the theme

Chosen by Group Members



Votes are in!

With a majority the winner of the first price is:

by ED-Creations 
First price
You win a three month core membership given to you by SlichoArt , a feature on the homepage after the contest has ended, the exclusive Alice stockpack  from faestock, an exclusive stock pack from YBsilon-Stock and an exclusive stockpack from supersnappz16  to be chosen from this galery
The runner up is:

by MoAChuuuttt 
Second price
You win a one month core membership given to you by SlichoArt , a feature by supersnappz16, a mention in the contest journal, an exclusive stock pack from YBsilon-Stock and an exclusive stockpack from supe
Castle of Manips Dark Winter Fairy Winners
The Dark Winter Fairy Challenge Winners

Original Journal:

Gold Star Sticker Icon Winners will receive:
:happehwinner: Stock Exclusives from: TinaLouiseUk :iconTinaLouiseUK: and deathbycanon-stock :icondeathbycanon-stock:
Points glomp Points from: Reddawgi :iconreddawgi:
:iconfeatureplz: Features from: WDWParksGal-Stock :iconwdwparksgal-stock: and Fantasy-Stock-Group ~  promoted at TheStockWarehouse :iconthestockwarehouse: where it will be added to the gallery at DevNews 
Judging by WDWParksGal-Stock 
The Challenge was to create, as the main focus, a "dark" Fairy, Faery, Fae or Elf in an equally dark theme.

And the Winners Are:

"Requiesce in Pace" by aaTmaHira :iconTmaHira:

Commentary: Oooooohhhhhh, this is so deliciously dark
Castle of Cards Steampunk Winter Winners1st Trophy Winners of the Steampunk Winter Challenge at Castle-of-Cards 2nd Trophy 

Original Journal:

The Challenge was Simple: Create Something Wintery with Steampunk Elements.

Gold Medal Emote Prizes: Trophy Emote 2 

:proud: Stock Exclusives Provided by: TinaLouiseUk :iconTinaLouiseUK: and deathbycanon-stock :icondeathbycanon-stock:
Fella Point (Badges) Points Provided by Reddawgi :iconReddawgi:
Fav fella (Badge) Features Provided by TheStockWarehouse :ic
Winners of Christmas Fairy Competition♥♥♥♥♥♥~❀⊱ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ⊰❀~♥♥♥♥♥♥
Thank you to everyone who entered, there were so many beautiful entries, you all did wonderful works!
Your top three most voted for are.......
1st Place
1 month core membership from myself
5 premium stocks of your choice from my gallery here:
A feature on my account TinaLouiseUk and TheFairyGarden
A feature and stock premium from Wesley-Souza
2nd Place
4 Premium stocks of your choice from my gallery here:
A feature on my account TinaLouiseUk and TheFairyGarden
A feature and stock premium from Wesley-Souza
3rd Place
3 Premium stocks of your choice from my gallery here:
Short Challenge #32 - WinnersCongratulations to all, and the winner is .......
1º Most Voted:

2º Most Voted:

3º Most Voted:

4º Most Voted:

5º Most Voted:

See the votes here:

The next:
We will update the things here in the group, so at the end of the month we will return with the normal activities and maybe something new :)

The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
This is the last challenge of the year, so it going to be more special, we add four stocks (the most voted by the members) as stock required, and you will have the wh
The results of the 12 days contestWell I guess we tried. A little over six weeks ago we started our first contest and today I have to
chose three winners (yes I chose this time) out of THREE entries.
Go figure, everybody won!!!!
I know making art on an android or ipad tablet is a challenge by itself and I also know that we have a really small membergroup so to promote our group I ask you to share this journal for the sole purpose  of  getting attention for the group.
So here are  the winners in order from one till three with a little comment as to why I choose the way I did.
First price winner is......... Lora-Vysotskaya  with her four calling birds

I choose her piece as first price because I love the way she translated a day in a christmas song to a manip that had little to do with christmas and everything with four birds calling :) Her dark style is one a lot of us have come to know and love.  Congratulations on your first price Lora!
Lora has asked me  tha
AND WE HAVE THE WINNERSWe want to thank everyone who played the round.
We had some excellent entries and it was a blast judging them all
Congrats to all ....

"Robo-Shock" from NewbiePhotoshop
I love the perspective and the action. It also screams Action packed to me, and the artist used blurring to show things are in motion. It was a daring photomanipulation for someone in the beginners category. We advise the artist to submit his entry to the Intermediate category next time.

"Hostage" from Julianez
Excellent sense of "story" with the models in opposition. Fire background is well blended as is the color palette. I want to note the skillful using of lighting and shadows. There is much going on in this picture but everything looks like it belongs there. Also, the required stock image doesn't get "lost" in the scene. A great work indeed.

"Hunted" from AdriaticaCreation
I love the atmosphere of quiet cha
The Winners Contest Angels RenegadeFirst Place:winner:

Second Place:winner:

Third Place:winner:

Paulo-Bert Dani-Owergoor and special guest MirellaSantana
SilentDreamer-Art Mr-Ripley CharllieeArts Mike-Uriel Mvicen adrianoampb  RenatoSs Lubov2001
alexamorath doclicio Scarletmcd SlichoArt
To everyone who participated, thank you very much!
The winners #januarychallengeSo, after counting the votes it was clear we had a top three. Three manips with each 5 votes. Now to me the task to decide who will be first, second and third. Because they all met the theme perfectly, I had to look on how they changed the original model into a caricature. Background, although blending your model in, is really important for the total feel of a manipulation, wasn't the most important part of this challenge so i will comment on each one to explain why i chose what i chose.
We start with third price: Pandemonium by adrianoampb

I love this piece very much but checking the original image not a whole lot has changed,  Off course great work on the painting job, the light effects and the static on the tv is a great touch but the other two felt like they did more work on the model.
You win 25 points, congratulations!
Second price: Jane by Mandelblute 

She did a lot of work on the model. I thought it was a p


Great artists Rowye and maxasabin shared the creation process of  their amazing manips. Look at them, this is some kind of magic!;)

Mature Content

Power of P - Process Animation by Rowye
finished work Power of P by Rowye 

Mature Content

Blackswan-animation by Rowye
finished work

Mature Content

Horrors by Rowye
Process Sleepless / step by step gif by maxasabin finished work Sleepless by maxasabin


All known to me photomanip contests are here:

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Awesome Newsletter Lora!
Lora-Vysotskaya Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Lolo! Do you think it's useful?
LoloAgain Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
I think it is awesome. I try to keep up with the journals, but I find a lot of repeats and that there is a different journal for each type of info I am looking for and it takes time. Your journal puts everything in one spot and I can just delete the rest. Very time saving Thumbs Up Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 
Lora-Vysotskaya Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great! I'm glad!:)
Infrablack-stock Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for featuring my texture! :hug:
Lora-Vysotskaya Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome:)
Lora-Vysotskaya Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome Lena! I added your contest to the list:)
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